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Vladimir Deninzon

Vladimir Deninzon Photograph by Roger Mastroianni

The Cleveland Orchestra

Born in Tashkent, U.S.S.R., and now a United States citizen, Vladimir Deninzon joined The Cleveland Orchestra in 1979. Mr. Deninzon’s music education began at a music school for gifted children run by the Leningrad Conservatory He later earned a master’s degree from the Conservatory. Before coming to the U.S., Mr. Deninzon played in the Leningrad Philharmonic and was a member of the Kirov Theater Orchestra, the Leningrad Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, and the Early Music Ensemble of Leningrad. He was a winner in the Russian Federation Violin Competition held in Moscow in 1972. While serving in the Soviet Army, he played violin in a military ensemble.

Mr. Deninzon appeared as a soloist with The Cleveland Orchestra in 1991, performing in a Vivaldi Concerto for Three Violins. He has been a soloist with the Orchestra of the Soviet Radio in Moscow and a soloist with the Leningrad Chamber Orchestra. Mr. Deninzon has performed as a chamber musician with his wife, Lyubov Deninzon, a pianist, and in the Severance Trio with Lyubov Deninzon and Cleveland Orchestra cellist Ralph Curry. Mr. Deninzon plays a violin made by Kurt Widenhouse in 1993.

When not performing, Mr. Denizon pursues his interests in nature, marine life, history, art, literature, movies, theater, and opera. He and his wife, Lyubov, have three children: Joseph, Claire Eve, and Sonia Michelle.