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Chorus Auditions

Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Blossom Festival Chorus

The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus is one of the few professionally trained, all-volunteer choruses sponsored by a major American orchestra.  Coming from nearly 50 Northeast Ohio communities, members of the COC perform with the orchestra on subscription and Christmas concerts at Severance Hall. Additionally, the Chorus has appeared with the orchestra on tour (both domestic and abroad), on television, and in numerous recordings, four of which have won Grammy awards.

In a typical season, members of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus are required to commit to rehearsals every Monday evening from 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and occasional Sunday evening rehearsals, in addition to all scheduled concert weeks. Weekly rehearsals take place at Fairmount Temple in Beachwood. Only concert week rehearsals and performances take place at Severance Hall.

The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus will not have any in-person activities for the fall of 2020. The spring is still currently scheduled to include performances of Verdi’s Otello, Janacek's Glagolitic Mass, and Ives' Symphony: New England Holidays. Decisions will be made for spring 2021 as we receive updated information about the status of the pandemic.

The Blossom Festival Chorus includes many members of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and other Northeast Ohio choral groups. It has established itself as a beloved part of the annual summer Blossom Festival and has sung over 150 concerts since its 1968 debut.

The Blossom Festival Chorus performs each summer at Blossom Music Center, and occasionally at Severance Hall. The chorus typically rehearses two to three evenings per week, dependant upon the concert schedule, in Beachwood. Blossom Festival Chorus members are also invited to sing with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus for Christmas concerts in December. 

The summer and fall 2020 live chorus programs were cancelled due to the pandemic, and auditions for the Blossom Festival and Cleveland Orchestra Choruses have been postponed until we know that we are able to safely gather and meet again. Until then, we encourage interested singers to continue to prepare for their audition and sign up to be notified when new dates are set.

For complete details on audition requirements please visit

For more information about the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus or the Blossom Festival Chorus please email

Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Shari B. Singer Fellowship

The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus offers fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in a music-related field.  Up to two Fellowships may be granted each season. Students must have demonstrable skill, evidenced through a combination of academic and musical talent, GPA, and performance ability. Applicants must be able to commit to the full rehearsal and performance schedule of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. Fellowship recipients will have additional guidance and mentorship opportunities from the choral conducting staff of The Cleveland Orchestra.

Fellowship auditions for the 20-21 season are on hold until it is safe for the chorus to safely gather and sing together in person. For more information on Fellowship requirements, please follow the link below.


Shari Bierman Singer was a member of the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus for 25 years. Financial assistance awarded through the Fellowship program serves as a tribute to Shari’s commitment to music education and the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. 

Cleveland Orchestra Children’s and Preparatory Choruses

The Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus is open to students entering 6th-9th grade, while the Children’s Preparatory Chorus is open to 5th-8th graders.  Boys must have unchanged treble voices.

Auditions for the Children’s Choruses are held every spring and fall. For the audition, the child will sing one verse of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” (“America”) in the key of F major with piano accompaniment, and one verse of “America the Beautiful” (‘Oh beautiful for spacious skies’) in the key of D major without accompaniment. Short vocal and rhythmic exercises are also included in the audition, for which an accompanist is provided.

Auditions for the 2020-21 Children's Choruses season will be held online on September 12 and 14. For complete details please visit

The Children’s Choruses typically rehearse on Monday nights in Shaker Heights. Rehearsals will be held online in fall 2020. Decisions will be made for spring 2021 as we receive updated information about the status of the pandemic. The Children’s Choruses season begins in September and runs through May. To learn more about the Children’s Choruses, please visit, or email

Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to audition for the Youth Chorus, as are 8th grade boys with changed voices.

Auditions for the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus are held every spring and fall. Audition requirements are to prepare a solo classical, folk, or art piece; Broadway or “pop” tunes are not acceptable. In addition to the prepared piece, students will be asked to sight read and demonstrate their vocal range. An accompanist is provided at the audition.

Auditions for the 2020-21 Youth Chorus season will be via video submission and remote interview on September 13. Please visit for complete details. 

The Youth Chorus typically rehearses on Sunday afternoons in Beachwood. Rehearsals will be held online in fall 2020. Decisions will be made for spring 2021 as we receive updated information about the status of the pandemic. The Youth Chorus season begins in September and runs through April. To learn more about the Youth Chorus, please visit, or email

MLK Community Chorus

The Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Chorus is a volunteer community chorus assembled each year since 1989 to sing as part of The Cleveland Orchestra's annual MLK Celebration Concert.  Bringing together singers from across Northeast Ohio, the Chorus lifts its collective voices in affirmation of Dr. King's vision of justice, peace, and human harmony.  First assembled by Alvin Parris, the Chorus has been prepared and assembled by William Henry Caldwell for the past decade.

Membership each year in the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Chorus is open to singers from throughout Northeast Ohio, with a requirement to attend all rehearsals in January.

Thank you for your interest in the MLK Chorus! Registration for the 2020 MLK Chorus is now closed.

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