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C. Scott Weber

C. Scott Weber Photograph by Roger Mastroianni

The Cleveland Orchestra

Scott Weber has been a member of The Cleveland Orchestra since 1990. Prior to joining the Orchestra, he was a member of the Florida Symphony Orchestra and the National Repertory Orchestra. Mr. Weber received a bachelor’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University. He has studied with Bernhard Goldschmidt, Koichiro Harada, and Gloria Johnson. Mr. Weber is the current managing director of Brickner and Hile, Ltd., and an associate with Gateminder Corporation of Tri-State First Bank. He also served as the president of NoteWorthy Credit Union for 10 years.

Mr. Weber has a daughter, Laura, and two sons, John and Andy. In his free time, he coaches baseball and spends time at his home in south-central Pennsylvania.

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