The cleveland orchestra's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Awards

The Cleveland Orchestra’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award recognizes the extraordinary contributions of an adult, a youth, and a business/organization that has positively impacted Cleveland in the spirit of the teachings and example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Members of the community are invited to submit nominations for consideration by the MLK Community Service Award Selection Committee – a committee comprised of a diverse range of community leaders.

AWARD CRITERIA - Nominees must exemplify one or more of the following:

  1. Leadership in Community-Building – individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions toward building a sense of unity among the citizens of Cleveland, with demonstrated success through programs and activities that help revitalize our community and make it a more desirable place to live.
  2. Improving Educational Excellence – individuals or organizations who have demonstrated success in eradicating barriers that impede the attainment of academic excellence. Activities might include mentoring, tutoring, or scholarship programs, innovative pre-school programs, pre-college programs, etc.
  3. Promotion of Social Justice - individuals or organizations who have significantly contributed to achieving justice for individuals, groups, or communities. Nominees should have demonstrated success using legal, legislative, or governmental systems to reduce disparities in housing, health care, education, employment opportunities, and criminal justice.
  4. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion - individuals or organizations who demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and evidence skill in building and maintaining harmonious and productive cross-cultural relationships. Nominations should identify specific initiatives and accomplishments that foster Dr. King’s vision of unity among people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  5. Using Music and the Arts as a Tool to Promote Greater Understanding and Acceptance – those who support or create music and arts programs that utilize the power of creative pursuits to advocate for positive social change, and/or create a greater understanding of diverse cultures. 
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