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Rosemary Klena to be honored with Cleveland Orchestra’s twentieth annual Distinguished Service Award

Award to be presented at Cleveland Orchestra concert in autumn 2015

Release:  July 31, 2015


Rosemary Klena was first hired by the institution in 1984, as Secretary to General Manager Kenneth Haas, and continued serving as Executive Assistant to Thomas W. Morris (Executive Director, 1987-2004) and Gary Hanson (Executive Director, 2004-2015).  During this period, she has also served as an officer for the Musical Arts Association, the non-profit governing board for The Cleveland Orchestra, preparing and assisting with ongoing communication among varying constituencies, from the board to staff and musicians.  Over the past decade, she has taken on additional responsibilities as personal assistant to Franz Welser-Möst, working on a wide range of tasks and duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the Music Director’s institutional, community, and social commitments.

“Thirty-one years of exemplary service define Rosemary Klena’s significant contributions to the life and strength of The Cleveland Orchestra ── and as an essential presence in the work and achievements of the Orchestra’s executive leadership,” commented Dennis W. LaBarre, the Orchestra’s Board President.  “Few people have served the Orchestra in more ways, over a longer period of time, and with greater dedication than Rosemary Klena.  She has been a vital, indispensable member of The Cleveland Orchestra family, and, in recognition of her unfailing service to the institution, we are delighted to present her with the organization’s highest award for distinguished service.”

The announcement of Ms. Klena as recipient of this award is being made to coincide with her final week of work before retiring at the end of July 2015.  A full citation of her achievements and success in her business role will be published in The Cleveland Orchestra's program book for the concert this autumn during which she officially receives the Distinguished Service Award in a pre-concert ceremony.  The date of the presentation will be announced next month.

The Musical Arts Association established the annual Distinguished Service Award in 1996 to recognize ongoing and extraordinary service to the Orchestra.  Recipients are chosen from written nominations reviewed by a committee currently chaired by Musical Arts Association Trustee Marguerite B. Humphrey.

Previous Distinguished Service Award recipients are:  Dorothy Humel Hovorka (1996-97), David Zauder (1997-98), Ward Smith (1998-99), Christoph von Dohnányi (1999-2000), Gary Hanson (2000-01), John Mack (2001-02), Richard J. Bogomolny (2002-03), Thomas W. Morris (2003-04), Alex Machaskee (2004-05), Klaus G. Roy (2005-06), John D. Ong (2006-07), Gerald Hughes (2007-08), Louis Lane (2008-09), Clara Taplin Rankin (2009-10), Robert Conrad (2010-11), Richard Weiner (2011-12), Milton and Tamar Maltz (2012-13), Pierre Boulez (2013-14), and James D. Ireland III (2014-15).