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Fall 2020 Digital Concert Series (available exclusively on Adella)

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  • In Focus (Logo)
    Ep. 1, Inspirations

    Now airing on Adella

    This opening performance for our In Focus broadcast series brings together new inspirations in the form of souvenirs from the past, with three musical works created across history, place, and styles.

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  • In Focus (Logo)
    Ep. 2, Bronfman and Beethoven

    Airing on Adella Oct. 29

    For this broadcast, a pair of pieces reflects the sensibilities of two very different centuries.

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  • In Focus (Logo)
    Ep. 3, Ax Plays Haydn

    Airing on Adella Nov. 12

    One of the most beloved concert pianists on the stage today, Emanuel Ax returns to perform a charming concerto by Haydn.

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  • In Focus (Logo)
    Ep. 4, Mendelssohn and Beethoven

    Airing on Adella Dec. 3

    Guest conductor Bernard Labadie explores works by three towering composers of Classical music, each composer directly influenced by one who proceeded him.

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  • In Focus (Logo)
    Ep. 5, Musical Patterns: John Adams Conducts

    Airing on Adella Dec. 10

    This concert broadcast, led by superstar American composer John Adams, celebrates connections between old and new, between today’s musical patterns and the timeless, structured elegance of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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