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Program Books

Printed program books are handed out free of charge at most Cleveland Orchestra concerts. Books include information about the performance and performers, as well as program notes about the music, donor and sponsor recognition, and other information about the Orchestra’s current and upcoming activities.

About the Music

Printed commentary in Cleveland Orchestra program books are intended to inform listeners about the composers’ lives and the historical background of the works performed at every subscription concert. These program notes are written to encourage open-minded listening to new works and provide fresh insights for hearing familiar pieces. Program notes are usually available in advance through this website's online Event Calendar.

To access program notes online, hover over a concert date on the mini-calendar above, choose "More Info" on your selected concert, and click on the “About the Music” or "Program Book" tab.

Click to read a sample program note.

Inks and Recycling

Most of The Cleveland Orchestra's printed program books in recent seasons have been printed on paper that includes 50% recycled post-consumer content.  The number of program books printed each week is based on expected ticket sales.  All unused program books are recycled through an ongoing collections system that recycles many office materials and waste from throughout Severance Hall and at each summer's Blossom Music Festival.

Printed program books are created using EcoSmart certified inks, containing twice the vegetable-based materials and one-tenth the petroleum oil content of standard inks, and producing one-tenth of the volatile organic compounds.

Program Book Archive

To view some books from recent seasons, visit our online Program Book Archive.


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