We departed for our 74th international tour from Cleveland October 9. On the flight to Chicago, we had an unexpected surprise. Our pilot gave a warm welcome to the Orchestra over the PA system and mentioned that he recently attended a concert at Severance Hall. While making our connecting flight to Vienna, we received a lovely email from him:

“I am the pilot you met on your CLE to ORD flight. I have had many celebrities and athletes on my aircraft before, but I have never been so star struck as I was today! My eleven year old son will absolutely freak when I tell him! He taught himself how to play Beethoven on piano by watching YouTube videos. You guys are truly inspiring.”

United Airlines in Cleveland welcome sign
Austrian Air welcome sign

Here is a first look at our series of behind the scenes videos of tour. In this one, the musicians provide a look at what it is like to pack their tour trunks: Check it out!

After landing in Vienna we traveled by bus to Linz where we had our first rehearsal of tour on October 11. Here is one of the Brucknerhaus posters on the exterior of the concert hall. You can see additional photos on our twitter and instagram accounts.
During rehearsal we happened upon the set-up for the off stage cowbells in Mahler’s Symphony No. 6. You can see additional photos on our twitter and instagram accounts.

After rehearsal the Austrian TV station ORF interviewed Franz Welser-Möst at the Brucknerhaus for a piece on the tour and our historic “Cunning Little Vixen” performances at the Musikverein October 20 and 21 (which have been sold out for about a month!)

Watch the interview here!

Here is our second tour video which shows backstage activity at Brucknerhaus as the Orchestra gets ready for the first concert on October 12: Check it out!

The performances at the Brucknerhaus on October 12 and 13 were sold out! Here is a selection of images courtesy of Brucknerhaus photographer ©Reinhard Winkler, Courtesy of Brucknerhaus.

Next up, we are in Paris for our second performance at the Jean Nouvel designed Philharmonie de Paris.

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