In Focus

New Digital Concert Series, available exclusively on Adella Premium

Recorded live in Mandel Concert Hall at Severance, each one-hour episode of In Focus will feature full concert performances together with a backstage look at the Orchestra’s musicians and music-making.

Ep. 1


This opening performance for our In Focus broadcast series brings together new inspirations in the form of souvenirs from the past, with three musical works created across history, place, and styles.

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Ep. 2

Bronfman & Beethoven

For this broadcast, a pair of pieces reflects the sensibilities of two very different centuries.

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Ep. 3

Ax Plays Haydn

One of the most beloved concert pianists on the stage today, Emanuel Ax returns to perform a charming concerto by Haydn.

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Ep. 4

Inventions: Bach to Mendelssohn

Guest conductor Nicholas McGegan explores works of invention and seasonal abundance, from the 17th to 19th centuries.

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Ep. 5

Musical Patterns

This concert celebrates connections between old and new, between today’s musical patterns and the timeless, structured elegance of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Bonus Ep.

Sonata & Serenade

featuring Mitsuko Uchida in recital

Pianist Mitsuko Uchida is showcased in a solo performance filmed especially for Cleveland Orchestra audiences at London’s Wigmore Hall.

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Bonus Ep.

In Recital: Alisa Weilerstein Plays Bach

The Cleveland Orchestra presents a special solo recital performance of Alisa Weilerstein playing Bach’s complete cycle of Solo Cellos Suites.

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Ep. 6


Franz Welser-Möst offers a different look at Bizet’s colorful and flamboyant opera Carmen.

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Ep. 7

Memory & Transformation

Works by Shostakovich and Messiaen reflect on memorialization and spiritual transformation.

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Ep. 8

Visions & Impressions

Opening with a solitary flute and concluding with the largest and grandest of all pipe instruments, a quartet of musical works speak to the ethereal and momentary nature of music.

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Ep. 9

Musical Magicians

This program offers discoveries new and old, highlighting music’s magical ability to uncover and reveal pleasures, dreams, and unexpected connections.

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Ep. 10

Style & Craft

This broadcast features two talented young musicians — one French (Ravel), one English (Britten), and both with great gift for melody and form, style, and craft.

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Ep. 11

Order & Disorder

A program of juxtaposition from two of music’s most creative composers (Mozart & Berg), writing in two styles more than a century apart.

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Ep. 12

Celestial Serenades

This program embraces the journey of finding meaning in grief and reflection, while also returning to the simple joys of everyday life.

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Ep. 13

Dance & Drama

Music for theater and film has strong historical roots, inspiring music of extraordinary character — vividly turning action into sound and creating moods of tenderness, romance, confrontation, and celebration.

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